The Growing GREAT program in 2015

 2015 represented the continuation and expansion of the Growing GREAT program in Bucharest, but especially to its expansion at a national level, starting spring, with 4 counties – Timiş, Cluj, Buzău and Iaşi – and continuing in fall with 8 additional counties – Brăila, Braşov, Prahova, Sibiu, Suceava, Vâlcea, Alba, Arad.  The national expansion was possible also due to promotion through the two months-long Prima TV campaign Believe in Good, which included several news reports calling for people to volunteer.  Individuals in several counties wanted to become involved and to provide long-term support to the children they had met in various campaigns of gift donation for the holidays and they understood these children’s needs are different.

The implementation of the program in the counties varied depending on the capacity and availability of the local coordinator – who is also a volunteer – on the number of volunteers registered and on the General Directorates of Social Assistance and Child Protection’s willingness to collaborate.  The child protection institutions appreciated the results of the volunteers and all collaborations were extended annually.

In the summer of 2015, the project was awarded the 2nd Prize at the Civil Society Gala in the section Volunteering projects and campaigns and was nominated in the Effectiveness +/Budget –

In December the project Pass on your passion was declared The Educational Project of the Year in the National Volunteer Gala.

For the activity of the volunteers in Timisoara, Growing GREAT received the award The Best Humanitarian and Health Youth Project in 2015 in the Youth Projects Gala organized by the Timis County Youth Foundation.

Projects implemented

 Share your passion – Module 3, Spring 2015 – 360 volunteers and 700 children from Bucharest and 3 counties (Cluj, Iasi and Timis); Module 4 – summer 2015 – 350 volunteers and 750 children in Bucharest and 12 counties (Cluj, Iași, Timiș, Buzău, Brăila, Brașov, Prahova, Sibiu, Suceava, Vâlcea, Alba, Arad. 

GREAT Vacation – 38 children participate in two personal development camps in the mountains with volunteers who help them improve their abilities and earn self-confidence.

 Learn to pedal – 10 bicycles donated to children in disadvantaged families, some of the children who attended the camps, children who are beneficiaries of programs by DGASPC (General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection) Sector 6 and DGASPC Sector 2 and pedaling lessons for the children who received the bicycles.

Discover Yourself – classes offered to 11 children in Bucharest by private educational providers – canto, drums, guitar, English language, painting, dance, theater; 4 months of coaching with 17 teenagers; an 8 month-long singing workshop taught by volunteers; workshops in the centers; 3 months of improvisation and theater-forum workshops.

Explorer for one day – 80 outings to the cinema, theatre and children shows together with volunteers; 2 trips for children in 2 centers in Bucharest.

Dare to dream – a professional counselling conference with 100 children and 30 professionals from various fields

Other activities:

  • Conclusion of partnerships with child protection institutions in the country
  • Participation in promotional events – Femei pe Mătăsari, Street Delivery, Bikefest
  • Participation in fundraising events – Ciclaton, Ciclaton, Maratonul Transilvaniei, Maratonul Bucegilor, Bucharest Marathon, Bucharest Health Marathon, KidsEducation fair
  • Organization of promotional and fundraising events – anniversary concert Playground for Education at Berăria H, laughter therapy session, charitable stand-up comedy, charity pancakes, Purna, charitable henna tattoos, charitable winter fairs in Bucharest and Timişoara
  • Fundraising campaigns – Bursa Binelui, 2%, 20%
  • The Crede în bine (Believe in Good) TV campaign conducted in partnership with Prima TV and DGASPC Sector 2 – a national call for volunteers – Be a volunteer in your city! by broadcasting media reports following outings of Prima TV stars with children in foster care.

Funding obtained

 The program started with 0 funds and in 2014 continued to enjoy support through charity events organized by us or by our friends and partners.  The novelty of our events drew fundraisers who would use their passions for a noble cause – kayaking, karaoke, Catan, Treasure Hunt competitions.

Sponsorships from companies also started: Metropolitan Life through United Way România supported a project for 70 children who participated in classes, outings, themed workshops, trips.  Other funders: Banca Transilvania, DB Schenker, IBM, Unicredit Integrated Solutions, Steam Coffee, Tree Works, Grid, Advantage Software, Cadware.

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