Growing GREAT program in 2017


The Growing GREAT program continued in 2017 in Bucharest and 25 counties.


Projects implemented:

Share your passion – Module 9 – autumn 2016 – spring 2017 – 1300 volunteers and 2000 children from Bucharest and 22 counties; Module 10 – spring – autumn 2017 – 1300 volunteers and 2000 children from Bucharest and 25 counties; Module 11 – autumn 2017 – spring 2018 – 1000 volunteers and 2000 children from Bucharest and 25 counties.

GREAT Vacation – 61 children from Bucharest participated in photography classes during 3 personal development and photography camps at the mountains, in Busteni, together with volunteers and photograph instructors who helped them improve their abilities and raise their self-confidence. 17 children from Timisoara participated in acting and skiing camp together with volunteers.

Discover yourself – courses for 195 children from Bucharest and countrywide to private educational institutions (English, robotics, informatics, arts – music, drawing, acting, dancing -, sports – acrobatics, gymnastics, badminton, volleyball -, or classes organized by volunteers (singing, theatre, dancing); 80 general knowledge and personal development themed workshops; 1600 hours of speech therapy for children from 5 centers in Bucharest.

Explorer for a day – 464 outing to the movies, theater and children’s shows, adventure parks, hand crafting, museums etc together with volunteers, in Bucharest and the counties.

Dare to dream – 400 hours of vocational counseling for youngsters in Bucharest and 23 professional orientation visits in Bucharest and in the counties. 35 adolescents in 2-3 days trips of extensive training to the mountains, plus individual and group follow-up workshops.


Other activities:

– conclusion of partnerships with institutions organizing events for children;

– participation in promotional events – Burger Fest, Femei pe Matasari, Street Delivery Bucuresti and Timis;

– participating in fundraising events – Bucharest Semimarathon, Bucharest Marathon, Cross for schools – Iasi, Timotion – Timis, Marathon Sibiu, Creative Buzz Sibiu, Crosul de Noapte – Iasi, Swimathon – Iasi and Mures, Ateliere cu efect, Vertigo Charity party, Basic, Etiquette Training;

– organizing promotional and fundraising events – anniversary concert Playground for Education at Clubul Taranului, spring charity fair, winter charity fair, Catan contest, Body Art, Mozaic book launch, Donate your birthday, Martisor Fair – Galati, Harghita, Mures, Christmas Fair – Mures, Timis, Petrecerea Toamnei.

– fundraising campaigns – Bursa Binelui, 2%, 20%

– book and educational games raising campaign in Bucharest

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