Growing GREAT program in 2018


The Growing GREAT program continued in 2018 in Bucharest and countrywide.


2018, shortly:

  • We continued our 5 permanent projects (educational sessions with volunteers, courses and personal development workshops, educational outings, personal development and professional orientation camps). 2600 volunteers were involved in “Share your passion” project within 3 volunteering modules.
  • We concluded new partnerships with centers in Bucharest and in the counties, but also with institutions and educational partners.
  • We started mentorship projects, financial, entrepreneurial and health workshops.
  • We organized our first seaside camp with 50 children.
  • We were nominated at Volunteers National Gala at 4 categories and we received the award for “The year’s corporate volunteering project” for the financial education project implemented with the support of 200 volunteers from Growing GREAT and 50 volunteers from Raiffeisen Bank.


Permanent projects implemented:

* Share your passion! – 2600 volunteers were involved, dedicating 92600 volunteering hours.

* Explorer for a day – 560 educational outings to movies, theatre and children shows, adventure parks, hand crafting workshops, museum etc, together with volunteers from Bucharest and countrywide (306 outings countrywide).

* Discover yourself – courses for 246 children from Bucharest and in the counties at private educational institutions (English, robotics, informatics, arts – music, drawing, acting, dancing, ballet -, sports – acrobatics, box, swimming, judo, football, gymnastics, badminton, volleyball) or to classes organized by volunteers (music, theatre, dance clubs); 456 hours of therapeutic games for children with learning difficulties. 

* GREAT Vacation – 126 children from Buzau, Galati, Dambovita and Bucharest participated to 5 camps at the mountains and seaside.

* Dare to Dream! – 82 professional orientation visits in Bucharest and countrywide.



Other projects:

  • “We invest in the future of children from foster centers” – financial education project;
  • “Grow GREAT mentorship” – 13 adolescents from Bucharest met on weekly basis with their mentors and participated twice a month in group/individual counseling and personal development sessions;
  • “Grow GREAT and Healthy” – health education project;
  • “Grow GREAT Entrepreneurs” – entrepreneurial education project


Other activities:

* participation in promotional events – Burger Fest, Femei pe Matasari, Street Delivery Bucharest and Timis, TIFF Cluj

* participation in fundraising events – Bucharest Semi-marathon, Bucharest Marathon, Cros pentru scoli – Iasi, Timotion – Timis, Sibiu Marathon, Creative Buzz Sibiu, Crosul de noapte – Iasi, Swimathon – Iasi and Mures, Daruim si Ajungem Mari – charity concert

* organizing promotional and fundraising events – anniversary concert Playground for Education at Clubul Taranului, Chess contest, Karaoke contests

* charity fairs

* fundraising campaigns – 2%, 20%, Donate your birthday on Galantom

* book and educational games raising campaign in Bucharest

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