Growing GREAT program in 2019

The Growing GREAT program continued in 2019 in Bucharest and countrywide for 2500 institutionalized children and youngsters.


2019, shortly:


  • We continued the 5 permanent projects (educational sessions with volunteers, courses and personal development workshops, educational outings, personal development and professional orientation camps). 3000 volunteers were involved in “Share your passion” project within 3 volunteering modules.
  • We opened an educational center for children in Bucharest.
  • We concluded new partnerships with centers from Bucharest and countrywide, but also with institutions and educational partners.
  • Children therapy became a priority for Growing GREAT program: the number of children participating in therapy for overcoming trauma related to abandon, family separation, abuse and institutionalization increased.
  • We extended the health education project to national level
  • We organized the first Growing GREAT camp for volunteers (3 days training and teambuilding).
  • We created two course support for civic education and computer usage adapted for institutionalized children and youngsters and started these courses at national level
  • Growing GREAT program received the Prize for Courage at People for People Gala.


Permanent projects implemented:

* Share your passion! – a total of 3000 volunteers were involved, dedicating 123200 volunteering hours.

* Explorer for a day – 1148 educational outings to movies, theatre and children shows, adventure parks, hand crafting workshops, museum etc, together with volunteers from Bucharest and countrywide (306 outings countrywide).

* Discover yourself – courses for 186 children from Bucharest and in the counties at private educational institutions (English, robotics, informatics, arts – music, drawing, acting, dancing, ballet -, sports – acrobatics, box, swimming, judo, football, gymnastics, badminton, volleyball),  classes organized by volunteers (music, theatre, dance clubs) and courses organized at Growing GREAT Educational Center. Also, 80 children benefited from therapy and counseling sessions.

* GREAT Vacation – 153 children from Buzau, Sibiu, Brasov, Constanta participated to 7 camps at the mountains and seaside.

* Dare to Dream! – 41 professional orientation visits in Bucharest and countrywide.


Projects financed in 2019:

* Grow GREAT and Responsible – educational project for 800 institutionalized children or from disadvantaged environment (courses for health, civic, financial, entrepreneurial education and informatics);

* A Happy Place to Grow GREAT – creating the Grow GREAT Educational Center;

* Continue to Grow GREAT – the project included recruiting and volunteers coordination, materials for workshops held by volunteers in centers and volunteers’ transport;

* Discover the World and Grow GREAT – the project includes mentoring activities for adolescents – group and individual counseling and outings with their mentors, but also professional orientation visits to different work places;

* GREAT Vacation – 114 institutionalized children from Buzau, Sibiu and Brasov went to 4 personal development camps;

* Dare to Grow GREAT – Education for children in orphanages – emotional support (personal development sessions) for 200 institutionalized preteens and adolescents;

* Grow GREAT and Healthy – project for health education;

* CLICK and Grow GREAT – education for computer usage;


Events and campaigns 2019

* promotional events – Street Delivery Bucharest and Timis;

* fundraising events – Bucharest Semimarathon, Bucharest Marathon, Cros pentru scoli – Iasi, Timotion – Timis, Sibiu Marathon, Craiova Semimarathon, Bacau Semimarathon, Pitesti Half Marathon, Creative Buzz Sibiu, Crosul de noapte – Iasi, Swimathon – Iasi si Mures, Daruim si Ajungem MARI – charity fair, Jam Session to Botanical Garden, charity show at Ateneu – Iasi;

* organizing promotional and fundraising events – anniversary concert Playground for Education at Clubul Taranului, Chess contest, Karaoke contests;

* charity fairs;

* fundraising campaigns – 2%, 20%, Donate your birthday on Galantom

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