Growing GREAT extends across the country!

Some counties need coordinators to monitor and manage the activities, devoting 4-5 hours each day to this.

Register as a volunteer coordinator in your city!

In order to start the activity in other cities besides those already mentioned, we need a devoted coordinator who can spend 4-5 hours each week doing the following:

– maintaining the relationship with Child Protection Services to whom we send referrals and with whom we sign collaboration agreements.

– helping recruit volunteers: promoting the call for volunteers, establishing what the target group is for volunteers, and which would be the best means of promoting the call (Facebook groups of colleges, high-schools, NGOs, media etc.)

– organizing training sessions held by trainers from Bucharest (gathering the volunteers, finding a suitable space for training)

– pairing up the volunteers, organizing the groups in the centers, monitoring the volunteers together with the center coordinators chosen from the volunteers.

The coordinators have to be of legal age and preferably experienced in coordinating a team or managing a project.

Naturally, each coordinator has our support and assistance throughout the development of the project and will receive a guide containing procedures and advice.

If you want to register as a volunteer coordinator for your city, please send us your CV and a letter of intent at, telling us what makes you want to get involved in the project and what recommends you as a coordinator.


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