Children’s needs

Institutionalized children often encounter integration problems or problems with their education. They need additional help at many disciplines and they also need creative activities to help them develop and discover their abilities. 

Moreover, they need affection, constant encouragement and trust. Without these they encounter difficulties in socializing and developing social complexes.

For developing emotional intelligence, stimulating trust in their own powers, capacity to concentrate and social and communication abilities, children from foster care centers need a closer approach in the learning process and they need to open up to new perspectives.


Through vocational courses, workshops, trips and outings, constant encouragements, affection and new experiences, children in foster care centers can grow GREAT! We support them on a long term in order to see their evolution. 

The educational program Growing GREAT (Ajungem MARI) is trying to reduce the traumas suffered by these children such as  of institutionalization, abandonment and separation from their families. We want to help them develop, enhance their self-esteem, discover their passions and abilities which can help them further on in their careers. 

We do this with the help of our volunteers who become children’s friends and role-models, who help them overcome their social status, acquire values and knowledge and stay away from different temptations. Volunteers also motivate children to continue their education in order to be able to live a independent and safe life. 

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