The Growing GREAT educational program comprises a series of permanent projects meeting the long-term needs of institutionalized and foster care children and focusing on raising their confidence in their own forces, developing skills and instilling values for a healthy and dignified living.

The main projects were designed from the very beginning to be permanent projects, to be developed on the long term, not to end when specific funding ends.  Together with our partners and sponsors, we also launched projects or specific activities that complete and add value to our permanent projects.  Today, the Growing GREAT program has 5 permanent projects – see the details below and on each program’s individual page.

Our projects

Share your passion!

“Share your passion” is a national project which supports on a long term institutionalized children and teenagers with help from a great number of volunteers who are involved in organizing interactive sessions for school preparing (Romanian, Math, English, Informatics, General Culture etc.) or creative workshops (music, dance, theatre, photography, plastic arts etc.). We wish that those who have a passion, pass it on to children and teenagers from centers.

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Explorer for a day

Explorer for a day is a project through which we offer children and teenagers the chance to explore the city, to visit and discover new places, to socialize with new people. Each outing with these children at movies, museums, different playgrounds, theatre, parks, escape room, laser tag or various festivals and events represents a new experience for them, and the time volunteers spend with these children is a lot more valuable and appreciated than the toys or clothes they receive as donations.

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Dare to dream

“Dare to dream!” is a project which includes visits to workplaces and vocational counseling and it is meant to help institutionalized children and teenagers to make the first steps in their professional and vocational orientation and encourage them to have higher goals. This is the age when they dream and establish goals and purposes and we want to make them understand that through determination and a solid education they can become exactly what they want to.

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Discover yourself!

“Discover yourself!” is the project which helps children and teenagers from foster care centers to know themselves better and develop their abilities through courses outside the centers held by partners or volunteers, through personal development workshops and speech therapy.

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GREAT Vacation!

“GREAT Vacation” is a project which consists of personal development camps at the mountains for institutionalized children and teenagers or those from underprivileged environments. The program includes hiking trips, visits to castles, thematic evenings, team and role play, improvisation, all of these are meant to help children believe more in themselves, overcome their barriers, gain more courage and develop their abilities.

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