“Discover Yourself!” is a permanent project of the Growing GREAT educational program aimed at supporting children and youngsters in foster care to better understand themselves and develop their skills.  The project’s activities help children and youngsters become more self-confident, determined and ambitious, discover their skills and their limitations, and on the long term they help them gain financial independence after leaving the center.

Discover Yourself includes activities meant to support the personal development of the children and adolescents included in the Growing GREAT educational program.


– classes outside the centers, organized by partners and volunteers

– personal development workshops

– themed classes

– speech therapy

We want to bring people who love their work to the social centers where they can use their passion and patience to teach children and to help them become more self-confident.

We are waiting for trainers in any field to join our teams of volunteer in our centers, meet the children, help them develop their skills and perhaps even reach high-performance.  We look forward for your mail at office@ajungemmari.ro if you want to become one of the Growing GREAT trainers.

Benefits for children and youngsters:

  • improving self-confidence
  • developing skills
  • self-knowledge
  • improving communication and social skills
  • improving focus and goal-setting skills
  • gaining discipline and training patience
  • achieving performance in their fields of choice
  • improving talking skills
  • improving academic results

So far, children and adolescents took lessons in Music, Drama, Acrobatics, Swimming, Robotics, IT, Dance, English, etc.  Among the personal development workshops, we had speech therapy, dance therapy, health education, cooking, life-style, a movie club, financial education, communication workshops, reading, creative writing, clay molding, painting clubs, laughter therapy and many others.  Children have been benefiting from this program ever since 2015, with the support of Metropolitan Life for classes organized for children in Bucharest and, starting with 2017, with the support of LIDL Romania throughout the country. 

In 2017, we started the financial educational program We invest in the future of children in foster care centers! for children and youngsters in centers in Bucharest and across the country, a program that we will continue in 2018 with a grant from Raiffeisen Communities.



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