“GREAT Vacation” is a permanent project of the Growing GREAT educational program, offering personal development camps at the mountains for children and youngsters in foster care or from low-income families.

We organize camps in the last part of the summer vacation, in mountain areas, bringing 20-25 children at a time, in a cabin rented in full, to be able to organize activities.  The program includes hikes, castle visits, cable car trips, theme nights, team games, role-plays, improvisation, and shows.  Representatives from the centers and volunteers, who organize games and activities, supervise the camps.

Benefits for children and youngsters


  • improving self-confidence
  • discovering new skills
  • overcoming limitations, gaining courage
  • gaining willingness to engage in new activities
  • improving their communication, social and team work skills

Results and Partners

The camp was among the first projects funded from the very beginning of the Growing GREAT program, in 2014.  Funding was raised through charity events, by fundraisers who encouraged their friends to donate and to cheer for them in running and cycling races, as well as Catan events, kayak, karaoke, treasure hunt, Activity or escape room events. The number of camps has increased annually: 2014 – 1 camp in Bușteni for 25 children; 2015 – 2 camps in Bușteni for 45 children; 2016 – 2 camps in Bușteni and a camp in Moldavia for 60 children; 2017 – 1 ski camp in Timiș and 3 photography camps in Bușteni for 75 children. A total number of 205 children took part in the Growing GREAT camps.

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