Impact on children and teenagers


– Children develop a strong relationship with volunteers, based on trust and affection. They are more open to discuss about their problems, feelings and emotions and they ask volunteers’ advice. They see volunteers as role-models and they assimilate their values and life principles;

– Children improve their school performance;

– Children develop social abilities, communication and team-work;

– Seeing their own results, for example in courses, children became proud of themselves, willing to try new things and experiences and they gain more self confidence;

– Supported by volunteers, children improve their behavior and receive advice on how to behave in society;

– They learn to use the public transport and develop urban orientation abilities;

– Through professional orientation visits and vocational counseling, children and youngsters discover what they like and what they are good at;

– Children discover new professions, learn about different work environment, discuss with employees and receive advice to help them in their future career;

– Through the trips and outings they participated at, children overcome their limits and fears, experiment new things and become more aware of the world around them;

– They become more motivated to fight for their ambitions and passions and develop a more positive perspective over their future;

– They become more aware of their abilities and weaknesses and they work at their personal development.


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